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About BLI

Welcome to BLI

Discover the Power of Ownership®

What makes BLI Rentals different in the rent-to-own industry? It’s simple. We believe in putting the interests of others first. We firmly believe that an ownership option is in the best interest of dealers and customers we serve. Established on a foundation of faith, we bring our commitment to personal service, personal integrity and personal responsibility into all we are and all we do.

What We Do

BLI Rentals LLC provides rent-to-own services to businesses that sell a wide range of outdoor products like — sheds, gazebos, swing sets, chicken coops, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor structures.

We don't build these products, we simply buy them outright from our dealers so customers can rent-to-own them from us. So our dealers make the sale to us and we take care of the customer from there!

A Smart Solution for Today’s Consumer

Today, fewer and fewer people have the ability to make a several-thousand-dollar purchase, but they may be able to afford monthly rental payments. 

Instead of renting a storage garage and never owning anything in return, a rent-to-own contract allows consumers to enjoy their outdoor product at their own home all while making progress toward owning it in the end.

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