Your Rent-to-Own Source

Welcome to BLI

BLI values its strong relationships with manufacturers and dealers across the United States. Partnering with us gives you incredible opportunities to reach your customers and meet their needs, as well as to expand your business. The typical dealer who partners with BLI shows an increase in business from 30 percent to 100 percent. As you can see in the Dealer Testimonials, this dramatic increase provides you the opportunity to grow and expand to meet customers’ needs.

BLI’s rent-to-own storage solution provides storage in your customer’s backyard for about the same cost (per square foot) of renting at an off-site storage unit. Customers can forget about using out-of-the-way, inaccessible storage units with a never-ending monthly charge. You can help your customers own their shed in 36 months, and they will never make another payment to an off-site storage company.

Visit our blog or our Twitter or Facebook. Explore our Dealer FAQs. Or meet a few of our dealers, and let them tell you in their own words why BLI is the right choice for you and the future growth of your company.

BLI's Mission Statement to Dealers

Thank you for choosing BLI Rentals as Your Rent-to-Own Source. Our goal at BLI Rentals is to make a “Win-Win-Win” situation for all involved. We want you the Dealer to “Win” by increasing your sales and your bottom line. We want our Customers to “Win” by providing them with storage they need at payments they can afford. And if those things happen, then BLI will “Win.”

BLI is committed to continually investing our resources in technology, staff, and ways to streamline operations to increase the “Win” for all parties. As a progressive company, we are continually evaluating ways to provide our Dealers and our Customers with the very best in customer service and to continue to be Your Rent-to-Own Source.