Your Rent-to-Own Source

How We Work

BLI makes every effort to be available to each dealer, and we have developed materials unique to our company, including a dealer newsletter, handbook and an interactive videos. BLI's Dealer Reps -- Terry Taylor, Brian Dorsey and Phil Carselowey -- keep regular contact with dealers through e-mail and phone updates.

All of BLI's Dealer Reps can meet personally with dealers and their employees to provide sales training. They each desire to be available to answer questions and help solve issues that may arise regarding your rent-to-own or your business in general.

BLI also values an open relationship with its customers, and we understand that – at least in the mind of the customer – we serve as a representative of the dealer from which the building was purchased. We strive to treat customers with the same respect and appreciation each dealer would show. Because of this, partnering with BLI and offering our rent-to-own solution to your customers will only enhance your business.