Your Rent-to-Own Source

Our Process

Thanks to an early entry into the market, BLI’s processes are proven and established.

  • To start, customers select their building.
  • Dealers assist them to complete their BLI rental agreement and collect a small security deposit and the first month’s rent.
  • Once the building is delivered and we receive and process the contract, BLI promptly purchases the building from the dealer.
  • Customers make all future payments to BLI, and after they make 36 rental payments, customers own the shed.
  • Within our agreement, in the event of a return per customer request or payment default, dealers pick up the building and bring it to their sales lot for resale.
  • BLI pays dealers for pick up, a commission when re-sold, and a delivery fee when it is delivered to a new customer.

The BLI Business Model is designed to offer stability and growth. As a business, we have made every effort to create a trusted team, develop investor groups, and invest in the appropriate software to stay connected with dealers. BLI uses rent-to-own software to track customer accounts. Our customer service focus, both to dealers and with their customers, is a large part of our success.