Your Rent-to-Own Source

Rent-to-Own Practices

Rent-to-own for portable storage units is gaining popularity across the nation, and BLI’s rent-to-own is a great alternative to commercial mini-warehouse storage units. Rent-to-own is not a credit or finance purchase; in fact, BLI does not check consumer credit reports. Rather, rent-to-own is a rental-purchase agreement. Throughout the agreement, customers are renting the building with the option to buy at any time. Customers rent the building until the final rental payment or select their EPO (Early Purchase Option). Ownership is then transferred to the customer.

Due to the widespread popularity of rent-to-own, there are many companies trying to enter the marketplace. What many new companies fail to do is operate in compliance with state and federal laws. Compliance is something we take very seriously. BLI complies with federal law, and we research each individual state and fulfill all requirements before conducting business. This not only protects ourselves but also protects our customers and our dealers.

We are committed to rent-to-own and operate with long-term goals in mind. We are here for you now and in the future.