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BLI's goal: Win, Win, Win

  • You the Dealer “Win” by increasing your sales and your bottom line. 
  • Our Customers “Win” by providing them with storage they need at payments they can afford
  • If those things happen, BLI will also “Win.”

Welcome to BLI Rentals!

BLI has deep relationships with dealers and manufacturers in 42 states and growing!

  • The typical dealer who partners with BLI shows an increase in business from 30 to 100 percent!
  • BLI’s rent-to-own storage solution provides storage in your customer’s backyard for about the same cost (per square foot) of renting an off-site storage unit
  • Help your customers own their shed in 36 months! They will never make another payment to an off-site storage company.
  • With BLI, your customers are approved instantly from our Information Sheet. 
  • There are No Credit Checks with BLI Rentals!

We don’t just buy contracts, We help grow your business

  • Most of BLI’s dealers benefit from a 30-percent to 100-percent increase in sales.
  • Immediate Closing  - Our program allows you to close the sale without the customer ever leaving your lot to find proof of income or other information not normally in hand
  • Used Inventory Site - Helping you sell used inventory by leading customers to your lot with our used inventory site
  • Fast payments - Typically fund in 2 to 3 business days keeping your cash flow steady
  • Customer App - Save valuable time with your customers coming in pre-approved and ready to purchase
  • AppXpress - Easy internet-based application process that speeds up the rent-to-own process
  • Welcome Call Customer Survey - We collect feedback from your customers to help you improve all aspects of your business
  • Protection+ Commission - Put cash in your pocket with each sale of Protection +
  • Paid Off Customer List - We help generate more leads for your business
  • Payment Calculator - Immediate price quotes for your customers
  • Dedicated in-house and outside Representatives - Personal service any time of day to assist you
  • Saturday Support Available - Our Dealer Support Representatives are available on Saturdays to serve your business
  • One-on-one online training - Our personalized trainining gives you confidence to use our program quickly
  • Discount for early payoff - Increased customer satisfaction by giving a discount regardless of when they pay off
  • BLI CornerPost Newsletter - We keep you abreast of changes, provide sales ideas and give you a space to place classified ads for free
  • Low Rate of Returns - Less than 20 percent of BLI’s contracted rentals are returned. This is a significant difference between us and our competitors. Our low return rate is a tribute to our excellent customer service team and sound business practice.

Rent-to-Own Study

Without rent-to-own, a typical $4,000 building would commonly be sold for less, usually reduced 10 percent. With rent-to-own, customers are focused on the ability to finance the purchase, without a credit check, for a reasonable monthly payment. Now that $4,000 building is selling for $4,000. You will no longer have to negotiate on price! BLI wants to be your best customer! Customers pay a deposit and first month’s rent. We purchase the shed from you at full price and take over handling customer service from there. Many of our dealers have said that BLI’s Rent-to-Own has put profit back into their business!

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